Health & Safety in Skanska

Health & Safety in Skanska

Safety is a core value for us at Skanska. We see a safe workplace as the key to a successful project and treat it with the utmost care. Below we would like to offer insight into Skanska's safety culture, the daily lived experience and the activities that are part of our safety management strategy.

Safety culture

The core of our safety culture is engaged people and visible leadership. We value our company values and everyone who embraces them.

We continuously educate and train internally not only our employees but also employees of subcontractors who work on our projects. Training focuses on the knowledge of our Safety Standards and the soft skills that are key to developing a safety culture.

Safety is a dialogue for us - we ask how everyone across our company perceives safety and how we can continue to take it to the next level based on their insights. This is helped, for example, by transparent incident reporting so that we can learn from mistakes and prevent them from happening again.

We are also in dialogue with our competitors - major construction companies in the Czech Republic. In addition, we chair the H&S team of the Road Construction Association, which aims to set equal conditions and improve the overall level of safety in civil engineering.

Living the safety

Safety management starts with proper planning. We focus on planning from the initial design of a project throughout the project execution phase to its end. First, we try to eliminate risks during construction so that they do not occur at all. We then choose technical and often innovative safety measures and features to mitigate the risks. Last but not least, we implement organisational measures and personal protective equipment to lower the impact of remaining risks. The system described in this way is called the Hierarchy of Control. A construction project is like a living organism, demanding coordination of the work in progress. That is why we emphasise safe work planning as our daily routine.

Skanska's H&S standards are the core rules that help us ensure a high safety level on our projects. The H&S standards are based on and often extend legislation, especially in high-risk works such as lifting operations, works at heights or similar. Compliance with them is supervised by all managers and supported by occupational safety specialists who are a natural part of our teams.

Regular certification to ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems is a matter of course, which helps us continuously improve.

Safety activities

Safety Week

Safety Week is an event we organise across all the countries where Skanska operates. During the week, activities are held on projects, sites and offices to focus on different safety aspects. These can be firefighting courses, first aid lessons, or seminars on mental well-being and stress management.


Executive Safety Site Visits are inspections carried out by senior management throughout the business unit. They visit our projects and other workplaces to show that leadership is visibly concerned about safety in all parts of the company.


The construction industry is one of the riskiest sectors. Unfortunately, even today, fatal accidents occur due to several negative factors. The Global Safety Stand Down (GSSD) is presented across Skanska in such cases. We all learn about the circumstances and resulting measures of the accident and insights that can help us improve in our country or workplace. In the end, we pay respect for the deceased by the minute’s silence.