BIM benefits

For the contractor, BIM is primarily about up-to-date and reliable documentation of the construction project. However, the contractor is not only a model user, but also an important co-author because it updates the model depending on the actual state of the construction and the used products.

  • Always updated and available documentation
  • Better design quality, collision detection, elimination of manufacturing errors due to poor quality project
  • Check compliance with timetable and financial plan
  • Faster processing of Bills of Quantities (quantity surveyor, cost accountant)
  • Better planning and coordination on site

BIM benefits for the investor

The primary advantage for the investor is, above all, the ability to continuously check the status of the project design. For example, the development of audit reports and analyses based on the BIM model is the main tool for checking the implementation and state of the construction.

  • Control and transparency at all stages of the project
  • A high-quality model has a positive impact on decision-making and change management during the project
  • Reducing the risk associated with the transmission of information and thus time and cost
  • A rich source of information for Facility Management and for the operational phase of the project


Last updated: 3/5/2018