We build sustainably, digitally and with an emphasis on safety

More than 135 years we’re one of the world’s largest development and construction companies. We operate across select markets in the Europe, the Nordics and the United States. Together with our customers and the collective expertise of our employees, we create innovative and sustainable solutions that support healthy living beyond our lifetime. Everything we do has an impact. We minimize environmental footprints, use renewable resources and ensure safety in construction. We also promote the principles of socially responsible and ethical business in environmental, social and economic terms.

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Behind all our activities are our people and we are really proud of them. Find a job opportunity with us and see for yourself.


Have you just finished school or are you still studying? We know that it can be difficult to combine your schedule and work. But we do everything we can to make sure that everyone can find a job opportunity with us and still have free time besides school and work, because worklife balance is part of our culture.

If you are already a graduate, you can start your career with us in a junior position where you will have maximum support from your boss and the whole team.

Opportunities for students:

Summer trainee programs
Part-time jobs
Professional lectures
Excursions on our projects

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Manual workers

In our business, people who know their craft are essential, and we know it.

If you too need to see tangible results behind your work that will last for decades, take a look at our full list of open positions and find yours.

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We enjoy educating our colleagues and helping them advance their careers.

At the same time, we enjoy getting to know new experienced future colleagues who can strengthen our teams thanks to their expertise. We welcome experts not only in the construction and technical fields, but also in other areas of expertise.

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What are we doing differently?

We do not underestimate the development of our people!

We know that self-development costs not only time but also money. Every two years, our employees have the opportunity to receive a scholarship for studies, training, courses or research.

The Agne Sandberg Foundation has been supporting Skanska employees in this way since 1953.

Health & Safety is our priority

Creating a safe working environment is our main goal. Thousands of employees and subcontractors work on our projects every day.

Recycled concrete? Rebetong!

Building debris as a 100% substitute for natural aggregate in concrete production is no longer just a dream for us.

We are very proud of Rebetong and are pleased to have been involved in its development. It has already found its place in our projects.

We lend a hand!

In the five countries where Skanska Central Europe operates, Skanska employees organise volunteer help where it is needed.

This activity comes directly from our employees. They decide where to help and organise the help themselves.

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