Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual and augmented reality has been on for several years, the construction industry is starting to use it more to improve imagination. The aim is to present the real-world 3D model allowing us to capture and move around using the advanced technology.

The aim is to present a real-world 3D model. Advanced technology allows us to capture and simulate movement within the object's space. Find more about virtual and augmented reality here.

Machines automation

Machines automation brings a whole range of benefits. 3D models are uploaded to 3D controlled machines. Such innovation refines and simplifies construction work.

Machines automation - video

BIM Facility management

BIM Facility Management is about working with data, minimizing paperwork and using digital form instead.

3D Printing

Creating a physical model from a digital 3D master. The material is gradually applied in the individual layers, thus achieving the exact result.

Digitized construction work on site: Smart and Cloud solutions

By using the tablets during the implementation, the work with the typical paper form of the documents was reduced and the documentation has been kept up to date when working on site.

Last updated: 3/5/2018