Reference projects

The Parkview office building, designed by New York-based studio, Richard Meier & Partners, was completed in 2020. The property offering 16,000 m2 of the gross leasable area represents an inseparable twin with the City Green Court, our oldest project in this location. Come and take a look at the light installation depicting clouds and rain, by a contemporary artist Marek Číhal, in the building atrium, or sit back and relax in the recessed island below.

praga thin.jpg

The building Praga Studios (2019) in Prague-Karlín boasts mainly its industrial atmosphere, benefiting from the district´s genius loci, since what is one of the most sustainable office buildings in the world was constructed on the site of the former Praga car manufacturing plant. The seemingly blunt design is often enlivened by someone playing an orange piano, located in the lobby. Also, don't forget to stop and enjoy the first restaurant offering flexitarian cuisine in Prague - the #Spojka is located on the Praga Studios´ ground floor, it is delicious!

Visionary thin.jpg

With Visionary completed in 2018, we have opened up a part of the Prague-Holešovice district for office building development. And we had to come up with a truly extraordinary project! Visionary was the first in the Czech Republic, indeed, in Central Europe, to obtain a WELL certificate, which evaluates interior quality from the perspective of its users. Visionary consistently maintains its place among the world's top ten most sustainable buildings. It offers many advantages to residents of Prague 7, too, since Visionary includes also a clinic with general practitioners and specialists, a pharmacy, and a public kindergarten. There are sports facilities in the back yard open to the public and a running track available to the tenants is located on one of the roof terraces.

five thin.jpg

The Five project (2017) in Prague-Smíchov elegantly interconnects the past with the future. The modern office space was built on the site of a former tram depot. However, we have preserved the front facade, also making a reference to the use of the original building by, for example, the reception design; there is a large station clock from the original depot and street artwork by Jakub Matuška alias Masker.

corso thin.jpg

We use the Corso Court in Prague-Karlín district, which we completed in 2015, as our headquarters. We were among the first to introduce an activity-based workplace at that time. We have set up a free-access, well-maintained community garden at the back of the building, which features wi-fi connections and power outlets for work, as well as chess and ping-pong tables for relaxation.

Riverview thin.jpg

It offers breath-taking views of Vyšehrad and Prague Castle, with elements of Scandinavian architecture, and tranquillity of the Vltava river embankment. The Riverview, a seven-floor office building, completed in 2014 in the well-established Prague 5 district of Smíchov, was the first project in the Czech Republic to use BIM technology in the design and building construction.

City Green Court_thin.jpg

The City Green Court, which we built on the Pankrác plain in 2012, holds a notable primacy. Thanks to the prestigious LEED Platinum sustainability certification for Core & Shell and LEED Platinum for Commercial Interior, it has become the first sustainable commercial office building in the Czech Republic. We have launched an era of sustainable development, which is now the standard in the Prague modern office market.