We build railways for more than 60 years on Czech and Slovak market.

We are the supplier of all types of railway constructions during its whole life span, i.e. from construction through maintenance to reconstruction. Thanks to our long-term experience and use of modern technologies we are able to guarantee in time and high-quality realization of large-scale orders, both in the field of engineering and in the field of individual realizations.


We provide modernization, maintenance and reconstruction of railway corridors, regional lines, railway stations and sidings, including heavy and light current technologies. We build railway bridges, underpasses, passes, drainage systems and noise protection measures. We also provide services in the fields of rail mechanization and geodesy.

Urban rail transport

As a major supplier of Prague's track uppers and tram railways, we provide supplies of technological units as well as specialized constructions during both construction and reconstruction.

Last updated: 2/12/2018