Infrastructure development

Another construction field in question is road construction. We are able to lead a highway high above a valley, cross a river with a railway bridge and much more.

Road construction

We build high quality roads, highways, express or urban roads for your safe and smooth ride. We are able to build parking areas, roundabouts or airport areas.


We have more than 50 years of experience in building bridges and bridge constructions. We can lead a highway high above a valley or cross a river with a railway bridge. We are able to restore or modernize bridges built by our ancestors.

Underground constructions

A hill or a mountain in the way of a road or a railway is not an obstacle that we cannot overcome. Cars and trains ride in tunnels we have mined or there are urban networks under streets.

Specialized activities

We are able to do cold in-place recycling of asphalt layers; we perform other specialized works as production of crushed aggregate and soil improvement, or construction of engineering structures. We can build a bike path or process a geodetic survey. We also deal with the supply, installation and reconstruction of road barriers or noise barriers. Bearing in mind programmes focused on landscape recultivation that eliminate the most serious damage to nature and in this way we contribute to its preservation for next generations.

Last updated: 2/12/2018