ESG, we call it sustainability

ESG, we call it sustainability

At Skanska, we shape sustainable places to support healthy living beyond our lifetime. We implement climate-smart solutions at each stage of the lifecycle of buildings we create. We create spaces that support the health and safety of users and visitors and contribute to the development of local communities and support their needs. 

In everything we do, we apply the highest ethical standards and require the same from our employees, subcontractors, and suppliers. By taking these actions, we’re working towards achieving our own sustainability aspirations and helping our customers meet theirs.  


[E] for Environment

Reduction of carbon emissions

sfrom our operations since 2015

Executive Safety Visits

performed by senior managers on our construction sites

Women in senior positions

the four most senior levels below the President and CEO

[S] for Social

[G] for Governance

A fair and ethical business 

We are committed to doing business with the highest degree of integrity and transparency and we expect those we work with to share these values. ‘Act Ethically and Transparently’ is one of our values, and our comprehensive Code of Conduct is key to our ability to live up to it. It stipulates how all employees should work and interact every day with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders. It is supplemented by the Supplier Code of Conduct, which all our subcontractors, suppliers, consultants, intermediaries and agents must adhere to. The Supplier Code of Conduct is included in our agreements with these parties and outlines the expectations we have for the partners we do business with. It also requires that the same principles flow down the suppliers’ own supply chains. 

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At Skanska, we shape sustainable places to support healthy living beyond our lifetime.