NYPA's 500 Mw Combined-Cycle Power Plant

Skanska built a combined-cycle power plant to add 500 megawatts to New York City's power supply on a four-acre site adjacent to the existing Charles M. Poletti Generating Station.

The scope of work for this project included:
· construction of the power plant
· construction of a 97,000-square-foot, two-story building to house plant equipment
· installation, testing and commissioning of all equipment including two dual-fuel GE Frame 7FA combustion turbine generators and one GE D11 steam turbine generator
· installation, testing and commissioning of two heat recovery steam generators, each with a 160-foot-tall steel stack
· installation of 110,000 linear feet of process piping, along with 500 monitoring instruments
· installation of a 1 million gallon water tank
· installation of a 32-cell, air-cooled condenser
· installation of the plant's electrical systems including a digital control system, three step-up transformers, switchgear, 1.4-million linear feet of cable, 215,000 linear feet of conduit and 26,000 linear feet of cable tray
· installation of approximately 2,500 steel H-piles averaging 40 feet long
· installation of 37 24-inch and 30-inch caissons into rock

Because of the project's aggressive schedule, workers performed certain field activities in shifts around the clock.

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