Čertův vršek Residence

Sustainability and health come first

The apartment building is prepared according to the international methodology BREEAM, which assesses the impact of the project on the environment and its overall sustainability. It thus has a whole range of technological solutions that will save future owners a significant part of energy and water costs.

There is an accumulation tank installed in which rainwater will be collected, which will then be used to water the front gardens and shared gardens. The project also manages water in other ways - gray water is used to flush toilets, so users do not have to use valuable drinking water for flushing, but instead recycle water that has already been used in the home and then thoroughly cleaned.

Čertův vršek will bear its own lead in the future. This is the first project in our country and probably in the world, whose foundations and partitions are partly made of Rebetong. This 100% recycled concrete, developed by the ERC-Tech and Skanska team, uses suitably processed building rubble instead of natural stone. Rebetong can also use brick crumb, a recycled product that has not yet been fully used in construction. At Čertův vršek, Rebetong covered the consumption of more than 15% of all concrete, which saved up to 800 tons of aggregate.

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