Štvanice footbridge in Prague

Descrtiption of the construction

The footbridge is designed as a segmental beam bridge with parapet beams made of UHPC. The length of the bridge is 299.47 m, the length of the side ramp is 83.95 m. The bridge consists of eight spans, the maximum span of the span is 55.4 m.

The footbridge is founded in depth mainly on large-diameter drilled piles. It is also planned to be founded in the Vltava River. The supporting system in the longitudinal direction of the bridge consists of a pair of side parapet beams acting as a continuous beam, which smoothly transition into the side ramp of the bridge and thus form a single unit with the absence of intermediate expansion joints. The end span on the Holešovice bank is designed as a lifting span in view of the necessity to comply with the condition of placing the structure above the water level Q2002+1.0 m in the event of a flood. A mechanical pin joint is inserted in the structure at the theoretical position of the zero bending moment, which allows the field to rotate around the horizontal axis. The lifting device is located in a box abutment on the Holešovice bank of the river. The longitudinal parapet beams are connected to each other by a system of transverse ribs in the bottom of the structure, which are supplemented by flat plate elements at the bearing points that stiffen the structure longitudinally and through which the structure is placed on the bearings. At the point where the parapet beams are spanned (connection to the diverter ramp), it is proposed to widen the parapet part of the beams to better resist the horizontal stresses induced by the curvature of the prestressing cables routed inside the section. A solid plate is designed in the lower floor section to prevent the heavily stressed area of the splay from being torn apart due to the significant curvature of the parapet beams. The supporting structure in the main direction is designed with a width of 5.0 m to accommodate the increased pedestrian and cyclist traffic in this direction. The side ramp is then designed in a reduced width of 4.0 m.

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