Changes affecting you after the launch of the new Oracle ERP system

  1. All current and future purchase orders (PO) issued in Oracle ERP have Skanska PO number” which must be included on all of your invoices. This is an crucial condition to ensure we can process invoices in a timely manner. Skanska's PO number should not change for you. Please use the same Skanska PO number as until now. If you are not sure what number you have been assigned, please contact us.

  2. Skanska’s email address for sending/scanning invoices remains unchanged, but the conditions for receiving electronic invoices are changing. In case of sending attachments, they must be included in a single PDF with the invoice. Otherwise the system will not accept them, which will lead to delays in invoice processing.

  3. Please let us know by the end of November, if any of your company details have changed (e.g. address), so we have your current data in our new system.

The change affects the following companies:


VAT no.





Skanska Residential a.s.

Křižíkova 682/34a, 186 00  Praha 8 - Karlín



Skanska Residential Beta s.r.o.

Křižíkova 682/34a, 186 00  Praha 8 - Karlín