Skanska welcomes new tenant to Nordica Ostrava office building

Press release 6/20/2012 9:15 AM CET

Skanska signed a lease agreement with the holding company RIGHT POWER for the Nordica office building in Ostrava. A provider of electricity and energy consulting services for Slovakia and the Czech Republic, RIGHT POWER will lease 730 sqm of office space as well as 30 parking spaces.

Nordica Ostrava

In an effort to consolidate its activities, the company is moving its subsidiary, RIGHT POWER TRADING, s.r.o., BICORN, s.r.o. and ENIGEN, s.r.o., into one location. Starting in September, RIGHT Power will become part of the Nordica Ostrava community, which includes OKIN GROUP, UniCredit Leasing CZ, Grafton Recruitment and United Energy Coal Trading.

"In connection with the consolidation of the RIGHT POWER, we wanted to centralise the staff from several buildings into one location to increase the flexibility of everyday working relations," said Michael Landau, Head of RIGHT POWER, a.s.. "At the same time, our company, which specialises in energy consulting, appreciates the building, which can reduce energy consumption by 30 percent.

Nordica Ostrava is the first office building in the Czech Republic awarded with the European Commission Green Building certification for energy-efficiency. Glazed and fixed components on the outside of the building contribute to the project's energy-saving potential. Natural light as well as the use of more efficient lighting systems also contribute to the overall efficiency of the building. Buildings developed by Skanska Property utilise the most energy-efficient and economical cooling and ventilation systems, which are controlled by building management systems.

"We are pleased with RIGHT POWER's interest in our green building. The fact that we have now reached more than 50 percent occupancy pleases us even more, as the situation on the Ostrava real estate market is very complex, as evidenced by the high vacancy rate," said Alexandra Tomášková, Leasing Manager for Skanska Property Czech Republic. “We believe that the combination of the individual approach we use on each client and the high-quality product we deliver will bring in top-tier clients."
The building has a leasable area of approximately 12,000 sqm and is located directly in the center of Ostrava on Českobratrská street. In addition to offices and retail space, Nordica Ostrava offers 129 parking spaces over two underground floors.