Skanska’s Office Index 2008 research results:

Press release 12/12/2008 12:00 AM CET

Big differences in environmental attitudes of respondents, most companies predict for the next year the same area of office space.

The second issue of Skanska’s annual market research, Skanska Office Index shows majority of companies predict the same area of office premises. The survey also shows there is a difference in maturity when it comes to environmental issues and measurements within office premises. More than half of the respondents in Czech Republic (59%) for example thinks an environmental declaration would be interested as a quality assurance for the next office they will choose.

“Our intention is to be a leading green developer and constructor in our home markets, which is reflected in our energy efficient projects. Our office building Nordica Ostrava has been awarded GreenBuilding certificate, as the first one in Czech Republic, to be energy efficient. It consumes 30% less energy compared to Czech norms based on the calculations done by CVUT. Nordica and all our future projects will save energy – by 2010 we plan that all our office projects save up to 40% of energy compared to Czech norms, stated Rikard Henriksson, CEO of Skanska Property Czech Republic, and adds:” The offices that are GreenBuilding certified are not more expensive compared to the standard ones and it really does not mean any additional cost for the potential tenants but only saving on energy bills. The only question the tenant should have, especially in the time of global financial crises is – why do not have GreenBuilding office? Educating our tenants of how to save energy is our key priority we will focus on in the near future.“

Future office space Overall more companies predict the same office space in one year. Fewer companies believe in larger office space, especially in Poland where 33% believe in larger office space compared to last year’s figure which was 51%. In Czech Republic the figure is 20% compared to last year 31%. In Hungary the figure decreased to 24% from 27%. 68 % of companies in CR expect to have the same number of employees in a year.

Office space layout The current office space layout among the companies is a wide mix between individual rooms and open office space. In Czech Republic individual rooms are more common (42%) than for Hungary (17%). Hungary has the highest part with open office space (37%) comparing to both Poland (16%) and Czech Republic (15%).

Important factors for renting new office space For respondents in Czech Republic is the rating of energy costs the second most important decision factor for renting new office space right after the factor the premises promoting satisfaction and a good work environment. In Hungary this factor is the third and in Poland even sixth most important. Different rating attributed to energy costs when choosing new office premises shows differences in environmental responsibility and considering of quality of office spaces in individual countries.

Environmental responsibility The majority, 79 %, of the respondents in Czech Republic state Reduced energy use to be included in an environmental-responsible property. Also Use of renewable sources of energy, Environmental friendly materials and access to public transports links are considered to be important to more than 50 % of the respondents. 53 % use selective waste collection, 14 % energy-saving heating and 10 % reduced energy consumption as measures taken by their company. Overall, companies start to pay great effort on environmental actions.

Environmental declaration More than half of the respondents in Czech Republic (59%) thinks an environmental declaration (like GreenBuilding certification) would be interested as a quality assurance for the next office they will choose. One third of the Czech Republic and the Polish companies would pay more for an office with GreenBuilding certification, in Hungary only 23%.

Facts about GreenBuilding declaration • GreenBuilding is a voluntary program of the European Commission which was launched in early 2005 in order to improve the use of potential energy savings in non-residential buildings. • A certified building must meet the condition of at least 25% saving on energy against the energy norms in the given country.

Facts about Skanska’s Office Index 2008 • The purpose of the survey is to collect information about the trade and industry´s needs and opinions about today and tomoorows workplaces. • The survey was conducted by GfK Group during October for Skanska Commercial Development Europe • The survey was conducted among 600 respondents in Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic: 200 in each country. • The respondents are responsible for rental contracts and strategic matters concerning office space. • The respondents’ companies are mainly active within the following industries: manufacturing, transport and communications, construction, trade, information technology and telecommunications, banking/finance insurance. • The companies has at least 50 office personnel and/or at least 500 square meters of office space. Some exeptions for Hungary where companies with 20 employees or more has been included in the survey. • Geographical specifications: Main cities in Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic, e.g. Prague, Ostrava, Brno and Plzeň in Czech Republic.

Skanska Commercial Development Europe is one out of 14 business units within Skanska. The mission is to initiate and develop real estate projects such as office buildings and logistical facilities. The main focus of operations is the large metropolitan areas in Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. Skanska Commercial Development Europe is divided into three local companies - Skanska Property Czech Republic, Skanska Property Hungary and Skanska Property Poland.

More information about Skanska Commercial Development Europe can be found at www.skanska.com/property

Skanska Property Czech Republic, s.r.o., a subsidiary of the Swedish company Skanska Commercial Development Europe (SCDE), is an experienced developer focusing on development of commercial real estate. The company has been operating on the Czech market since 1997 and has developed a number of office buildings and retail warehouses in the Prague area. Currently the company is developing office projects in Prague and in Ostrava and a large logistic park is being designed for construction outside Prague. The company manages the projects from concept over the lease of the buildings to its sale. Office building Nordica Ostrava was the first one in Czech Republic to be awarded the GreenBuilding certificate for energy efficiency.

More information about Skanska Property Czech Republic can be found at www.skanska.cz/property