Visionary, the modern office building in Prague 7 developed by Skanska, has received LEED Platinum certification

Press release 10/18/2018 1:55 PM CET

Earning a total of 95 points, it is the highest-rated sustainable building in the CEE and the second-best in Europe, according to the available information.

The certification authority praised the thoughtful and maximally environmentally friendly design of the building, interesting architectural concept and new technological solutions. Visionary is the fourth project in CR for which Skanska has received LEED Platinum Core & Shell version 3 certification.

The Visionary office building, completed in the spring of 2018 in Prague’s Holešovice district, ranks among the top sustainable office buildings in Europe and around the world, with its excellent evaluation of 95 points within LEED Platinum certification. According to the available information, Visionary is the best-evaluated green building in CEE, ranks second in the European context (behind the AA81 office building in Madrid with 97 points) and shares fourth place in the world with two other buildings.

Thanks to its design and technological facilities, Visionary reduces the costs of energy consumption by 42.9% and saves 40% of drinking water consumption. More than 85% of the fixed working desks in the building have sufficient daylight access and almost 100% of them have an external view. Green energy purchased from Amper Market supplies 100% of electricity from renewable power sources for a period of 3 years.

The LEED certification also favourably evaluated Visionary’s thorough use of health-sound materials in the building interiors with zero or low content of volatile organic compounds, as well as building materials with recycled content (16%[1]), FSC certified wood (58%) and materials from local sources (37%).

Within the project, Skanska also considered sufficient space and green areas for tenants, visitors and the neighbourhood alike. The key features include the multifunctional sports pitch, a garden with pleasant seating and a fountain, an open-air cinema and a running track on the roof. The employees of companies based in Visionary enjoy plenty of bike stands, lockers for cycling equipment, space for minor repairs or free towel service. Showers and dressing rooms are standard facilities for every athlete. The project also features charging stations for electric cars. On the ground floor of the building, Skanska in cooperation with the Prague 7 City District founded a kindergarten.

“We want our buildings to meet not only all of the valid building and environmental standards, but also to contribute positively to sustainable life in the capital city with their design and implementation. LEED Platinum is a comprehensive evaluation and the 95 points are an appreciation of our efforts. Soon, we hope to add WELL certification, which assesses the quality of the interior environment with respect to its users, to our environmental leadership,” adds Alexandra Tomášková, Managing Director of Skanska Property Czech Republic.

LEED certification is a standard in all the buildings that Skanska has completed in the Czech Republic in the past five years. City Green Court was the first to be awarded this certificate in 2012 with 83 points. Other projects gradually followed: Corso Court (86 points) and Five (89 points). Visionary, with 95 points of 110, is currently the highest-rated project in the Czech Republic and the second highest-rated project in Europe. Skanska’s ambition is to continue improving projects in the area of sustainability and for example in the Visionary project is the lifecycle evaluation with a view to minimising the project’s environmental impact.

In addition to LEED certification, Skanska hopes to acquire the new WELL certificate for Visionary as well. WELL assesses the quality of the building’s interior environment and its impact on the people working within. The building will undergo the WELL verification process certification towards the end of 2018, and if it succeeds, it will be the first office building in the Czech Republic to be awarded a WELL certificate.

Currently, the Holešovice complex with a total leasable area of 23,000 m² is fully occupied, and as of June 2018 it is owned and managed by the Austrian real estate company CA Immo.

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[1] Note: percentages are of the price of all material