Skanska returns to Prague 4 and starts construction on the Parkview office project in Pankrác

Press release 9/12/2018 6:00 PM CET

Skanska is commencing the construction of its Parkview office building, designed by the leading global architectural studio Richard Meier & Partners. The nine-storey building, that will offer nearly 16,000 m2 of the most modern office spaces, draws the attention with its clean lines and delicate white façade. The completion is scheduled for first quarter of 2020.

Parkview is the second project that we are building in the Prague district of Pankrác. There is long-term demand for administrative premises in this premium location. Aside from top-quality offices, Parkview is planned to also offer a large roof terrace with seating, where tenants can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of all of Prague. We want to make sure that people not only like working in Parkview, but that they can also relax there,” says Alexandra Tomášková, Managing Director of Skanska Property Czech Republic.

The nine-floor Parkview building is under construction on the Pujmanové street in Prague 4, in the vicinity of the Arkády Pankrác shopping center. One feature that is sure to draw attention is Parkview’s white façade. The clean white look is regularly interrupted by small balconies between the second and seventh floor. They serve as an aesthetic element which however also has practical applications – the balconies will be used by tenants for relaxation.

“Facade also features a unique system of external 3D shading elements made of semi-translucent aluminum. This one of a kind solution shall ensure comfortable working environment for tenants without excessive sun glare and also works as an energy saving feature.” says Petr Houska, Project Manager of Parkview.

The floorplan of the Parkview building is U-shaped and offers several benefits. “From experience, we know that people who work in offices all day long will appreciate natural light. We wanted Parkview to become synonymous for a well-lit place with lots of fresh air. Thanks to the U-shaped floorplan, offices in the building will have nearly 100 % natural lighting for most of the day. Both the inner and outer façade will be made of glass. Inside the complex, we expect to use design elements which will lighten up the interiors. These include for instance a stairway leading from the atrium all the way to the 4th floor.” adds Tomášková.

The grand atrium of the building will include a sunken courtyard surrounded by trees and greenery. This will be yet another area suitable for relaxation, calming one’s mind and for working outside of the office. The roof terrace will also serve a similar purpose; it will offer breathtaking views of the adjacent park and the city center.

In its projects, Skanska continues to introduce innovative elements – making each building more and more technologically advanced. And the Parkview project will be no exception to this. Users of the building will for instance be able to make use of the services inside the building and in its immediate vicinity using a special mobile app.

Skanska established itself as a leading developer of sustainable commercial properties. And it will also strive to obtain the highest certificates for its Parkview project – notably LEED Platinum and WELL Gold, which evaluates the quality of the internal environment of buildings after entry into operation from the viewpoint of the tenants.

The building was designed using the BIM (Building Information Management) system from the very beginning; this system offers exact control over the construction project, the ability to calculate and monitor costs during the course of the project, and modeling of future areas of individual tenants; furthermore, after entry into operation the system will provide efficient facility management.

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