It’s Time: Five by Skanska

Press release 5/9/2016 9:30 AM CET

The Five office building in Prague’s Smíchov neighbourhood has been under construction for several months now. Once completed at the end of March 2017, the lobby will feature an original historical clock that provides a link to the building’s history while also measuring the time remaining to its completion. It’s high time for Five.

Five is the seventh office building built by Skanska Property Czech Republic in Prague. This modern building is being built on the site of a former tram depot, its history preserved not only by a renovated exterior wall, but now also by an original clock from the 1950s that will decorate the lobby.

The Managing Director of Skanska Property Czech Republic, Marie Passburg, ceremonially set the current time on 5 May at 5:00 p.m. “Today’s special occasion proves how unique Five is. Instead of a run-of-the-mill cornerstone ceremony, I have had the singular opportunity to set the time on an old original clock that preserves the building’s genius loci. I trust time spent in this building will be pleasant for its tenants and their employees,” said Marie Passburg.

The mayor of Prague 5, MUDr. Radek Klíma, who also participated in the event, said the following in his speech: “Prague 5, and especially Smíchov, has a past founded on industry. Its prominent industrial character lives on in a number of brownfields that are still waiting for a new purpose. That is the locus of Smíchov’s contemporary development potential lies, which we wholly support. Similarly, the combination of residential and office space will be of benefit to the area, as only when both of these functions are interconnected and complement each other does a city achieve its proper rhythm.”

Dynamic Smíchov

Construction on Five is in full swing, with completion planned for the end of March 2017. It will then join the ranks of existing office buildings in Smíchov, which thanks to its easy accessibility and broad range of services is one of Prague’s favourite locations for business. Skanska has already built the successful Riverview project here (housing the MSD IT Global Innovation Center), which is basically just across the street from Five. Both buildings thus support the development of this dynamic urban neighbourhood, and especially its riverbank.

On its generous 14,362 m2 of floor space spanning six floors, Five will feature several unique elements. One of these is a panoramic view of the Vltava River, Prague Castle and Vyšehrad fortress. Its location ensures Five is accessible by subway, tram, and car. It is also even connected directly to the centre of Prague via a nearby railway bridge with a sidewalk for pedestrians.

Five’s glass exterior ensures sufficient daylight and there will also be a private outdoor garden for fun and relaxation. The building also provides a number of innovative features. Five has been pre-certified LEED Platinum and as such will provide high standards in terms of sustainability.

Five will offer its tenants the Skanska Innovations Standard

Skanska is a pioneer in the introduction of various innovations to make work in office buildings more pleasant and efficient. This is why Five will offer an entire range of special services that can be easily accessed through a custom-developed mobile application, such as is already in use at the recently opened Corso Court in Karlín. And what services will these be? One will be a self-service laundromat that will however provide a new, unique service. You will be able to lock your suit, dress, or shirt in a locker, pay through the application, and pick up your clean (and if desired, ironed) clothes within 48 hours.

Parking will also be much easier at Five. Every parking stall features an internet-connected sensor that monitors if it is being used by an authorized vehicle, while also facilitating easy navigation for visitors. Tenants can also make use of a shared electric car, which on weekends will also be available to the public.