Highway D11, construction 1105/1 Chyst - Osicky, km 68.000 - 78.910

  • Highway D11
  • Highway D11
  • Highway D11

The D11 highway forms part of the E67 Warsaw - Wroclaw - Hradec Králové - Prague international long-distance route. It was approved by Government Decision No.   286 dated 10 April 1963 Prague - Hradec Králové - Trutnov - the state border at the length of 151 kilometres. By Decision No. 741 dated 21 July 1999, the government decided to build the D11 highway in the section from Libice nad Cidlinou to Jaroměř as the D11 highway with a highway profile and to gradually build it as the R11 expressway in the section from  Jartoměř - Trutnov - the Polish border according to the possibilities for using sections of the existing road. It should be continued by the Polish S3 expressway Lubawka - Legnica - Szczecin on the Polish side.
The highway has been declared a public work in the Central Bohemian, Pardubice and Hradec Králové Regions.

It consists of a part of the D11 highway with the length of 10.9 km, category D27.5/120, 1 fly-over intersection, 7 highway bridges and 8 overpasses, highway sewerage system, modifications, repairs and relocations of Class I, II. and III roads, power and ČEPRO networks relocations, water management structure relocations, land development modifications, modifications of drainage channels and pipe mains, storm water settling pools, terrain modifications, the SOS highway system installation, barriers against the entry of amphibians and animals onto the highway with a total length of 13.1 km and a fence along the highway with a length of 19.5 kilometres.

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