New Prague Railway Interconnection

  • Masarykovo Elevated track

New Prague Railway Interconnection was awarded the title 2009 Construction of the year and SFDI Award. This project enabled the Prague railway lines capacity increasing. This namely as far as the main connections between the Prague peripheral railway stations Praha-Liben, Praha-Vysocany and Praha-Holesovice, Praha Main Station and Praha Masarykovo Station in the city centre concerns.
New Interconnection comleted the complex railway system re-building, which was started more then 40 years ago.

The new railway lines are built for the speed of 80 to 100 km/hr. The north head on the Prague Main Station was also adapted. New access roads to the new tunnels portals, as well as accommodation of the existing roads are part of the project. The original rail element will was converted to paths for walking and cycling
Two double-track tunnels will be driven under the Vítkov hill. New power-distribution substation for the turn-outs heating and tunnels lighting purpose are built, as well as the new facility for signalling. All railway routes will be electrified, due to the aesthetic reasons, the specific architectonical solution of the poles was applied in the central part of the area. All railway lines was equipped with new signalling system: central remote controlled ´three-signs´ interlocking system.

  • Total railway routes length: 27 km
  • Total length of bridges: 1290m
  • Railway bridges: 10
  • Road bridges: 2
  • Culverts: 11
  • Total length of retaining walls: 2615m
  • Total length of tunnels: 2401m + 280m of excavated part
  • Total length of anti-noise walls: 2807m

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