Albatros Kbely

  • Albatros Kbely - mateřská škola
  • Albatros Kbely - dětské hřiště
  • Albatros Kbely - terasa
  • Albatros Kbely 2
  • Albatros Kbely 2
  • Albatros Kbely 2
  • Albatros Kbely 2 - předzahrádka

BREEAM certification guarantees that the new Kbely development will provide a healthy and environmentally friendly home for you while not burdening the surrounding area or the planet. While the city center, shops and metro are just minutes away, Albatros offers the unique combination of a quiet area and plenty of access to nature.

Living in a place that tells stories.

The legendary L-39 Albatros training aircraft, located in the nearby hangar of the Kbely Aviation Museum, became the inspiration for the name and future identity of this multi-stage project.
Public space and individual apartment buildings also refer to the topic related to aviation. To name the houses we were inspired by the international spelling alphabet, which is used in aviation.

Benefits of living in Albatros Kbely

The inhabitants of the Albatros Kbely do not have to go far for grilling delicacies with friends or neighbors. For this popular summer activity, we are installing a common barbecue near their home.

Parents of small children will appreciate the kindergarten, which will be built in the first stage.

The first playground will be built as a part of the first stage. A unique Gigant game element from Kompan, a leading Danish playground supplier, will also appear on it. A workout zone will be a part of the nearby cycle path.

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