Flexible office spaces in Pankrác
Eco-friendly elements with LEED and WELL certification
A light-filled design by a world-famous architectural studio
A prestigious location in Prague 4 next to the park and metro
New offices enhanced with a shared roof terrace
Excellent accessibility by car and public transport (Pankrác station)

The Capital’s Golden Peak

After 20 years full of striving, the vision of real estate development atop Pankrác is being fulfilled. The Parkview offices are the last out of a planned ten buildings that will collectively make Prague 4 a modern business center for the Czech nation’s capital. In Skanska’s latest office building, you find working spaces designed to the highest of standards.

Close to Nature

Need to recover after a demanding meeting? Just step out of the office and head across the street to relax in the nearby park. When you’re on your way in from the Pankrác metro station, Parkview is both figuratively and literally an entry gate into a green oasis amid a pulsing metropolis, thanks to its design and its publicly accessible atrium. True to its name Parkview grants a view out over greenery from its terraces – and not only from there.

First-rate Design?

We’ve ensured that the Parkview commercial development is a well-lighted space, because people who get enough natural light enjoy not only greater satisfaction at work, but also 46 more minutes of sleep each night. This building’s spacious atrium is adorned with a sunken courtyard for relaxation, surrounded by full-grown trees and a unique 23-meter chandelier designed by Czech artist Marek Číhal. All these elements transform Parkview into a new jewel among office buildings in Prague 4–Pankrác.

New offices with a spacious terrace

We’d like for people to work well at Parkview office building, but we’d like for them to relax well too. So above the nine floors of offices, we prepared a roof terrace with a bar, grill, and outdoor seating. Taste grilled specialties and top it all off with a panoramic view of the nation’s metropolis from atop Pankrác.

A clean design and a wide range of innovations

From the outside, Parkview respects its architects’ minimalist conception. But inside, it conceals many innovations and technologies to help tenants get the maximum of their new offices. They enjoy a custom-developed building app, smart parking, innovative elevators, and much more. For this project, Skanska received a LEED certification (guaranteeing the project’s sustainability) and a prestigious WELL certificate (guaranteeing its occupants’ health and well-being).

In harmony with Nature

Seeking environmental sustainability means respecting tomorrow’s needs. That’s why for many years now, we at Skanska have been carefully closely watching the ecological footprints of our office development projects – and everything else we do. With Parkview, we ensure maximum energy efficiency for all tenants.

Connected by Skanska

We integrated connected by Skanska into the foundations of Parkview. It is the most integrated operating system for office buildings. As an open platform, it connects smart technologies of the building but more importantly, it integrates people in the workplace.

All functionalities are integrated into one platform. From building system, through innovative workplace fit-out to an office that takes care of the natural environment.

A High-quality Work Environment

Skanska is among the first Czech developers to ensure that their new commercial development projects both respect their surroundings and provide ideal conditions for their inhabitants. If you’re looking for available offices in Pankrác, get ready for a treat: copious natural light, superb air conditioning, low-emissions materials, cycling infrastructure, an accessible roof terrace, and much more.

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Leasing & Asset Director

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