Health and Safety

Already a moderate injury often means a loss of income in tens of percent. It is not only the disabled, who are affected, but also his or her immediate surroundings, friends, co-workers or employer.


It is one of our most importatnt social responsibilities to make sure that every person working on the sites or operations of Skanska has working conditions for save work.

Skanska Group has a certified system of management of Health and Safety within its integrated system of management according to the OHSAS 18001 specification. With the system framework, there are Health and Safety specialists who oversee the process of construction and file control and who observe the processes implemented by subcontractors with the emphasis on compliance af all Health and Care rules and regulations.

Skanska organizes a Safety Week that makes us think about such an important issue. We regularly use Safety weeks to a more thorough employee traing and to increased controls and feedback in the field of Health and Safety. However, we are striving to improve the awareness of emploees in the field of Health and Safety on the daily basis.

Last updated: 2/8/2018