Cooperation with schools

At Skanska, we know a good work remains behind us only if we employ top experts. Moreover, we know we can do a lot for you to become such an expert – for example to cooperate intensively with schools.

Within this cooperation framework, we have prepared several possibilities for you how to expand your theoretical and practical knowledge. If you take part in any of these activities, you will be able to engage smoothly in the processes of your new employer's work team. Moreover, you will surprise your employer; instead of an uncertain graduate there is an experienced expert on the board.

Do an internship at Skanska!

Do you know which way to go after your studies? Do an internship with us. You will experience on your own what it is like in a large international company. By verifying the theoretical knowlege in practise you will gain further professional experience. You will actually try out your future profession. So do not hesitate, the best theoretical preparation does not replace the practice because - as you know - the experience is non-transferable.

Summer Trainee program – a great summer job!

We offer university students a paid summer internship. You can be an ice cream seller during summer, but your CV will look much better with an expert internship experience at a major developer. In addition, we will invate you to the Skanska residence in Corso Court, Karlín, for two days. The programme will be rich!

Are you working on your thesis? We will help you!

We will not write the thesis for you, but will help you with it. We offer expert consultation and share important data and practical information with you. Cooperation on diploma thesis is definitely a good way to get to know the environment in our company before graduating. Both parties will benefit from it, you will gain experience and knowledge from practice and we will have new ideas which will enrich our established practices.

We will organize an on-site excursion for you

Sitting at the desk and listening to the lecture on how it looks at the building site is boring. On the other hand, it is so easy to visit one personally, especially with Skanska. If you are interested in visiting a place where one of our projects is born – a new highway or a bridge, put together a group of 10 classmates at minimum and we will prepare an excursion for you.

We want you to work at Skanska

If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, there are two possible ways. You may directly respond to some of the job offers published on our websites or you may send us your CV together with your contact details. As soon as there is a job vacancy that suits your requirements, we will let you know.

Last updated: 2/12/2018