Sipoo Logistics Center

  • Sipoo Logistic Center - Illustration

The joint venture company Freeway, formed by Skanska and Lemmikäinen, has signed a contract for constructing the S Group’s new logistics center in Bastukärr, Sipoo, Finland. The contract value for the first phase is EUR 98 M, about SEK 838 M. Skanska will include its share, EUR 49 M, about SEK 419 M, in order bookings for Skanska Finland for the third quarter 2013.

The logistics center will have a surface area of around 189,000 square meters and a capacity of around 3,400,000 cubic meters. The project is carried out in five partly overlapping phases, with separate construction contracts for each phase. The first phase comprises about 75,000 square meters. Skanska and Lemmikäinen have equal shares in the joint venture. The joint venture Freeway and a company owned by the S Group, S-Ryhmän Logistiikkakeskukset Oy, signed a frame agreement on the construction project of the logistics center in June 2012.

The works on the site have begun, and the first phase will be completed in the summer 2016. The logistics center will be completed in its entirety in 2018.


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