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Skanska in Czech Republic

On this site you will find information about Skanska activities in the Czech Republic.

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Rail Mechanization

Railways Division possesses track machinery for the most common operations performed in the construction and maintenance of railways and urban rail tracks. Its scope was extended except of the Czech Republic to Slovakia and Poland. Everywhere in these countries, Skanska is able to offer good quality services with maintained machines and experienced crews.

Automatic tamping machine of track and turnouts Plasser&Theurer UNIMAT 08 – 475/4S

Automatická strojní podbíječka kolejí a výhybek Plasser&Theurer UNIMAT 08 – 475/4S

Plain line and turnout tamper Plasser & Theurer type Unimat 08 - 475/4S allows to ensure the desired position of tracks and switches not only in geometrically superior quality, but due to performance of the machine long-term durability of the work and therefore high efficiency of embedded costs in the construction and subsequent maintenance are guaranteed. Furthermore, its robust construction is suitable for handling all types of track respectively turnout parts of the superstructure on wood, steel and concrete sleepers.

Ballast distributing and profiling machine Deutsche Plasser SSP 110 SW

Pluh pro úpravu kolejového lože Deutsche Plasser SSP 110 SW

Ballast regulator SSP 110 SW represents one of the most modern machinery for the ballast adjustment with a high quality of work performed. Thanks to the progressive development of a series of SSP it was achieved higher sweeping performance and thus higher processing speed. Work is not affected by the catenary above and can be performed continuously in switches and crossings. To move redundant gravel it is equipped with a lifting conveyor belt and gravel reservoir.

Dynamic track stabilizer VKL 402

Dynamický stabilizátor koleje VKL 402

A new type of dynamic stabilizer for ballast compaction and homogenization made ​​by MTH company is a two-axle vehicle with its own traction. The machine is equipped with a leveling device and the control electronics, which allow you to work either with constant vertical press up to 24 tons or controlled stabilization - gradual decline in vertical alignment and thus variable pressure on the stabilizing unit.

Universal track layers DESEC TL 50 a DESEC TL 70

Univerzální pokladače DESEC TL 50 a DESEC TL 70

Tracklayers Desec TL 50 and TL 70 are multi-purpose machines for transporting, removal and installation (assembly) of very long and heavy track and turnout components. They are also capable of displacing the sleepers and rails separately. No additional lifting equipment is necessary and the job can be done under traction lines or in a tunnel. Transport of the machine is possible on a regular flat carriage or on a road trailer. The machine itself (without additional mechanism) is able to fold and load on a wagon (trailer) by using horizontally and vertically telescopic crawler chassis.

Tracklayer PKP 25/20

Pokladač kolejových polí PKP 25/20

Device used for laying and removal of track fields up to 25 meters long and 20 tons weigh. It consists of a two-way truck Tatra, portal travelling on rails and the crane bridge, consisting of dismantled parts. Track fields are transported on chassis model. 53. The advantage is high speed of tearing or installation of pre-assembled track parts - approximately 1000 meters per shift.


Mobile welding machines DAF XF 95 Welderliner, DAF XF 105 Welderliner

Mobilní svařovny DAF XF 95 Welderliner, DAF XF 105 WelderlinerTwo-way mobile welders performe permanent connection of vignole rails using the best known technology - flash butt-welding. They are based on road vehicles DAF, supported by four-wheel rail adapters which allow rapid adaptation to the rail traffic. This ensures flexibility of machine utilization even within short closures. Welding head K922-1 is equipped with a control unit SIEMENS, welding process parameters are recorded in  a WELDREG2 program. This program enables you to obtain all necessary welding parameters and create a graphic record of the process.

Alumino-thermic welding

Termitové svařování

Skanska is also implementing thermite welding using technology Railtech International, methods PLA and AP25, as well as transition welds R65/UIC60, UIC60/S49 with method PLA. We can cover complete process of continuous welded rail, from initial design to final handover to the customer.



Other equipment of Railway Machinery District:

  • Lightweight tamper Plasser & Theurer Minima 2
  • Two-way vehicle Iveco Duo Ago
  • Universal rail carriage MUV 73
  • Universal rail carriage MUV 69
  • Measuring trolley KRAB
  • Road vehicle Iveco

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