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Asbestos liquidation

We remove and decontaminate materials containing asbestos from various construction objects and technologies.

Asbestos is the name for a natural substance used in the past because of its excellent physical and chemical properties. But unfortunately in recent years, as a result of its carcinogenic effects, it is considered one of the most significant harmful agents to which man can be exposed. This fact lead to a ban on working with materials containing asbestos, not only in the Czech Republic but also in most states of the world.

The negative effects of asbestos must be taken into account mainly in construction, where the risk of exposure of workers to asbestos dust is the highest. This risk increased significantly during the inexpert removal or handling of materials containing asbestos, the result of which is a threat not only to the health of workers but also to inhabitants living near the building on which work with asbestos is being performed.

Current legislation designates the conditions for work with asbestos, which protect not only workers but those near the site and then the users of objects.

We are equipped with the necessary equipment, knowledge, skills and essential licences for this specialist activity.

Everything we can help you with

  • preparing a decontamination and removal project
  • ensuring the approval of the liquidation plan by the locally competent body of state administration
  • removal of asbestos material demolition of asbestos objects cleaning of premises contaminated with asbestos dust
  • decontamination of asbestos using chemical preparations
  • removal and liquidation of asbestos on locally relevant dumps
  • performing fire-proofing filling using the system HILTI and INTUMEX

Michal Kubaloš

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