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Skanska in Czech Republic

On this site you will find information about Skanska activities in the Czech Republic.

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Helpdesk (central dispatching)

To provide services related to facility management, our company has constructed a continuous "central dispatching" system, including process AFM software, a phone number and an email address for reporting breakdowns and transfer of requests.

Helpdesk (central dispatching)

The central dispatch simplifies building management for clients and increases the efficiency of process management. It allows the analysis, sorting and evaluation of activity statuses related to the administration of facilities based on the client's requests. The connection of the central dispatching and a free phone line also allows the client to resolve situations when the building manager is not present in the building (night shifts, weekends). The connection of the building to the central dispatching allows an immediate overview of all activities – terminated, active and planned.

  • Immediate solution of crises and emergency situations
  • Processing of economic outputs
  • Nonstop emergency service
  • 24/7 availability

Green line: 267 095 615
mobile: 737 256 178