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Skanska in Czech Republic

On this site you will find information about Skanska activities in the Czech Republic.

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Prefabrication Prague

In the region of Prague we are capable of delivering all products and services from the field of ferroconcrete prefabrication. We manufacture and supply prefabricates, including assembly for transport construction, engineering, industrial, civic and residential construction.

Production programme
Prefabrications for civil and industrial constructions
• bar components – beam, girders, bracings, tie beams, pilots, posts
• wall components – insulated, non-insulated with smooth, plastic, washed surface
• footings and pockets
• ceiling tiles, stairway, loggia and balcony components
• to order production of atypical prefabricates

Prefabrication for bridge, road and railways constructions
• bridge beams,  components for bridge and tunnel constructions
• road panels, crash barriers, sound damping walls

In the newly built specialised centre with the latest technology for the production of sound damping walls we offer customers a highly professional approach to the solution of problems associated with heavy noise burden. Our experts deal with the constant development of technology and materials in the area of sound damping walls.

Shaft and drainage programme
Components for transport and engineering constructions
• frame permeable
• road panels
• noise damping walls
• kerbs
• street rainwater gullies
• ditch parts
• drainage inlet

Components for construction of drainage shafts
• drainage shafts
• drainage shaft bottoms
• drainage centres
• transitional centres and transitional boards
• balancing rings
• manhole covers for weighting