Prague Ruzyně

Tower concrete plant equipped with mixer STASIS Ce 55 with a mix volume of 1 m3 with hourly performance of 30-40 m3 of fresh concrete. The concrete plant was built in 1996.

Year-round, automatic operation. Manufactures concrete pursuant to ČSN EN 206-1/Z3. Concrete resistant to aggressive environments, special concrete, stone reinforced by cement and cement stabilisation. For production 6 types of stone and 3 types of cement are used.

Address: U Prioru, Praha 6 - Ruzyně

Concrete plan Manager: Václav Váňa
Mob:. +420 739 501 597

OblDistrict Manager: Karel Novák
Mob:. +420 737 256 755

In the case of deliveries please contact directly the plant, in the case of quotations, or contracting please contact the district manager.