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Skanska in Czech Republic

On this site you will find information about Skanska activities in the Czech Republic.

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Skanska Partners with Schools

At Skanska, your education matters to us. We believe in mutually beneficial partnerships between schools and businesses.

Our vision to maintain a leading position on the market and to be at the forefront of environmentally friendly construction methods and technologies can only be realized by a team of highly qualified and motivated employees. This is why our company has come up with several options on how you can further expand your theoretical and practical knowledge.
If you would like to learn more about the schools we are working with, visit the section of our website with links to the various schools.

Are you still trying to decide about the career path that is right for you after your studies? We will give you the opportunity to test out what you have learned in school in a real work environment where you can acquire valuable professional experience before you even complete your studies. In other words, we can offer you the chance to take a test drive while your future career decisions still remain yours to make.

Graduation Thesis Assistance
We can offer you professional consulting and share valuable real world data and information. Although we will certainly not be writing your thesis for you, we will try to help you turn out a superior effort. Collaboration on a thesis is a good way to learn about how things are being done at our company before you graduate. We will share our valuable expertise and practical knowledge and, in return, you can share with us your own new ideas and approaches.

Project Site Tours
If you would like to expand your study program beyond just sitting in a classroom and listening to a lecture, we make available the opportunity to tour one of our construction sites. If you are interested in taking such a tour, all you have to do is put together a group of at least ten students; we will do the rest and organize the event. Please contact Alice Dolanská, our school partnerships coordinator.